Room Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

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We have two variations of the Room Temperature & Humidity Transmitter:

The H1N329001 & the H1N329000

Both variations share the same specifications except for the differences listed below: 

H1N329001: Has an LCD display.

H1N329000: Does not have an LCD display.

  • RH accuracy: ±3% RH (0.4°C)
  • RH output: 4~20mA(2 wires) 
  • Temp output: NTC10K-III, 0.3°C@25°C
  • No temp range and relay 

The room temperature & humidity transmitter is designed for indoor air temperature and humidity measurement.

It Measures indoor air T/RH with a high performing digital sensor & circuit.

The sensor is 100% field changeable without re-calibration

The temp & humidity sensor has good long term stability & reliability, with fast response

State of art housing.

All electrical terminals are located inside the bottom, avoiding any possible damage to the PCB when wiring.

It has multiple output options, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection, and good anti-interference capability.

LCD & function keys can set parameters and calibrate output so that the product can be a stand-alone controller if need be.